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  • Join a Writing Group
  • Maintain Your Cool
  • Know Your Style
  • Write Now... Proof Later
  • Read Your Work Aloud


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The Impossible

There are some conditions, but if you think it can’t be done but you are serious about getting it done, let’s talk about it.

But you had better be serious.

We won’t do anything that is illegal or even comes close to the line.

We won’t do anything involving celebrities.

We have a team and we have many contacts. And every one of them would like nothing better that to do something that isn’t possible.

If we can’t get it done, or seriously started, within a year, you will get your deposit back unless you agree to an extension.

The deposit?  $10,000, non-refundable, before we start, before we do anything.

By the way, it will be documented, possibly filmed and we retain all of the rights to the story. We might agree to share extraordinary income with you but don’t count on it.

Hey, you’re only here because you think it can’t be done. If we achieve it, you’re all ready ahead of the game.

If you would like to become part of THE IMPOSSIBLE PAGE team, let us know what qualifies you.

Here are some of the things our founder has done.

-    developed a plan for the integration of medical, industrial and      
      veterinary laboratory
      testing services in the Northwest Territories of Canada
-    headed one of the first management teams for multiple independent
      healthcare facilities in
-    pioneered regional health planning committees
-    negotiated the establishment of one of the first union/management
     employee assistance
     programs in Canada
-    lectured to post-doctoral fellows and graduate students at two
     separate universities
     before obtaining an undergraduate degree
-    wrote a regular column on slot machines in a gambling magazine
     after playing slot machines only once

And that’s why David says, “When they couldn’t find anyone else to do it or it had never been done before, they came to me. I loved every minute of it.”