Putting Life Into Words

Top 5 Writing Tips of the Month

  • Join a Writing Group
  • Maintain Your Cool
  • Know Your Style
  • Write Now... Proof Later
  • Read Your Work Aloud


  • Business.to Business

    Your information into words that your customers can understand.

  • People to People

    You have stories to tell?  Let us bring those stories to life. More…

  • Ghost Writing

    When you need something written but don't have the time. More…


People to People

People to People
You have stories to tell about your past, your family, your town or your organization. Those events were exciting. That’s why you remember them. So why tell them as if they were just dates in a history book?

Let us bring those stories to life. If you are having a video story done, let us write the script. Memoirs? We’ll help you bring them back to life.

When your community or organization celebrates a milestone, fifty years, a century, 150 years, 200 years, use that history to revitalize the people who are alive now. Maybe even raise some money at the same time.

Creative writing for uncreative people is a 3 hour workshop to help people who think they are not creative to bring out their creativity and put it into words.

People to PeopleIs Business Ownership for You? A 3 hour seminar and workshop to explore your potential for starting a business.

Starting Your Own Business. A 3 hour introductory seminar on the essentials of starting a new business and resources available to help.

If it didn’t happen, how come I remember it so well?  3 hours of fun, story telling and starting your own family history.