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Brochures and pamphlets are your image. You provide the information and Creative Life Line puts it into the words that your customers can understand.

An article in your professional journal establishes you as the expert for all of your customers and potential customers. You provide the information. Creative Life Line creates the article for you or about you.

Speeches and presentations put both you and your message in front of your audience. We take the time to get your personality as well as your story right out front where it needs to be.

David Drane has been writing for business and healthcare professional journals for over thirty years. His articles have appeared in the journals of The Canadian Hospital Association, The Canadian College of Health Service Executives and The Ontario Society of Medical Laboratory Technologists among others.

He also has delivered thousands of presentations to groups ranging in size from three or four to several thousand in person and using telecommunication technology. It may be a seminar, an introduction, a luncheon speech or a key note address, David can help you to get the message across, the message that you want delivered.


David Drane brings humour to any topic while he makes complex information easily understood. His writing workshops help business people to improve everything they create from internal memos to position papers, proposals and routine correspondence.

Workshops emphasize WORK. Participants participate if they want to get the most out of the experience. They are given information, shown how to use it and then provided with the chance to put it into action.

Seminars concentrate on the delivery of information with a lesser amount of participation. They’re more like lectures with questions and answers.

 “I Can’t Talk” is a three hour workshop for people who aren’t comfortable talking to groups, making presentations or even a “thank you” speech after lunch.

“Interviewing for Interviewers” helps interviewers get the best people for the company.

“Basic supervisory skills” helps you prepare people in your company for promotion to a supervisory position. Just because they are the best one doing the job doesn’t mean they can get the best out of anyone else.

Luncheon or even after breakfast presentations are designed specifically for your group and your agenda. It could be a simple distraction from a busy day or vital information delivered with flair and humour.

David has been lecturing and delivering workshops since 1975. He has delivered guest lectures at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Toronto, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. He also provided distance education through The Northern Teleconferencing Network.

David has provided workshops in topics relating to financial planning, job search strategies, business start-ups, moral and ethical considerations in business and public administration, interview skills for recruiters, the termination process, working with labour unions and a wide variety of other business topics.

People to People

People You have stories to tell about your past, your family, your town or your organization. Those events were exciting. That’s why you remember them. So why tell them as if they were just dates in a history book?

Let us bring those stories to life. If you are having a video story done, let us write the script. Memoirs? We’ll help you bring them back to life.

When your community or organization celebrates a milestone, fifty years, a century, 150 years, 200 years, use that history to revitalize the people who are alive now. Maybe even raise some money at the same time.

Creative writing for uncreative people is a 3 hour workshop to help people who think they are not creative to bring out their creativity and put it into words.

Is Business Ownership for You? A 3 hour seminar and workshop to explore your potential for starting a business.

Starting Your Own Business. A 3 hour introductory seminar on the essentials of starting a new business and resources available to help.

If it didn’t happen, how come I remember it so well?  3 hours of fun, story telling and starting you own family history.

Ghost Writingghost writing

When you need something written but don’t have the time to do it, give Creative Life Line a call. Whether it is an article, a story or a book we can produce it for yoRRY we will not write papers for students. I had to write all of mine by myself. You get the same opportunity that I had.