Putting Life Into Words

       Top 5        Writing Tips

  • Join a Writing Group
  • Maintain Your Cool
  • Know Your Style
  • Write Now... Proof Later
  • Read Your Work Aloud


  • Business.to Business

    Your information into words that your customers can understand.

  • People to People

    You have stories to tell?  Let us bring those stories to life. 

  • Ghost Writing

    When you need something written but don't have the time. More…


Welcome to Creative Life Line

Putting Life Into Words

Whether it is your life, your history you want recorded for future generations or your words you want brought to life, that’s what we do. 

The dictionary is full of words but until you put them together they have no meaning. Even when they have meaning they can still be very dull. 

CREATIVE LIFE LINE brings those words to life, telling your story. 

When you’re in business you want your customers to read your story so they can find out what you do or what you are selling. If they don’t know what it is, how do you expect them to buy it?

Your life was full of action, people, emotions. Why not show it that way? Even if you are having it put on video, you want it to be alive, don’t you? 

So take a look around. See what we have and then use the email address to get in touch with us. 

CREATIVE LIFE LINE is your single source for all your writing needs. Ghost writing, family histories, business articles, pamphlets, brochures, proof reading and editing, you are in the right Ideaplace.